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Choosing the correct badge holder for your cards is as important as choosing the best card or printer. Holders, chains, lanyards and clips are available in a wide variety of sizes to suit many different applications.

Lanyard & Neck Chains

Custom Lanyards

The range of neck chains  are manufactured from plastic or nickel plated steel in a variety of lengths from 30" to 38" and finished in a range of colours. They are an ideal and low-cost way of displaying a badge around the neck.

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Slot Punches

Hole punch which allows you to cut a 5mm diameter hole for a keyring or chain, For larger volume users we offer a manual or motorised desk-top punch with guide which makes production of large volumes of cards very simple.

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Clips & Pins

ID Badge Clips & Straps

The most simple way to display a badge or ID card is to use one of the  clips available in this range. We offer a selection of self-adhesive safety pins and crocodile clips in both plastic and metal, which simply stick to the rear of the card offering a very low-cost solution which is ideal for visitor badges.

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Badge Holders

ID Badge Holders

Badge holders are available in two main types. Flexible vinyl holders are available in a wide variety of sizes and with slots or holes to suit most clips, lanyards or chains. The back, frame or top bar can be clear or coloured. 

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