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Fargo's highly specialized print media ensures that your card printer/encoder function properly. For excellent printed card quality and durability, and to maximize the life of your printhead and printer, use only Fargo Certified Supplies.

Resin Ribbons

Resin-only ribbons consist of a continuous roll of a single resin color and can print up to 3,000 cards. No overlay (O) panel is provided as resin images typically do not require the protection provided by the overlay panel. These ribbons are available for use with FARGO’s direct-to-card printers for printing economical one-color cards in as fast as 5 seconds.

Dye - Sub Ribbons

Dye-based ribbons are partitioned by a number of consecutive color panels. The panels are grouped in a repeating series of three process colors plus overlay — Yellow, Magenta, Cyan and Overlay — along the entire length of the ribbon. Dye-sublimation ribbons are also available in black plus overlay; and dye-sublimation/resin formulations. Ribbon sizes range from 250 to 700 images per ribbon.



UltraCards offer a variety of high-quality blank white and magnetic stripe cards. UltraCards have a glossy PVC laminate on top and bottom, and printed UltraCards have a glossy, photo-quality finish. They are all optically inspected to ensure clean, scratch-free cards, high quality prints, and extended printhead life. UltraCards made of 100% PVC provide moderate durability; 60% PVC/40% polyester.

Magstripe Cards
Rewritable Cards  (standard credit card size) Blank, white cards Rewritable front Magnetic stripe

Plain White Cards
Cards  (standard credit card size) Blank, Quality Plain White

HDP Film

HDP Film is a clear transfer material specially formulated to receive full-color printing directly from an HDP print ribbon. It is used exclusively in HDP Series printer/encode

Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies that allow end users to clean all accessible printer parts are carefully selected by FARGO. These supplies include the following:

  • Printhead Cleaning Pens pre-moistened with 99.99% isopropyl alcohol for cleaning your printer’s Printhead.
  • Cleaning Cards with an adhesive backing for cleaning your printer’s Card Feed Rollers and Platen Roller.
  • Cleaning Pads pre-moistened with 99.99% isopropyl alcohol for cleaning your printer’s general inside and outside area.
  • Card Cleaning Tape replacement loops for fast, convenient replacement of the Cleaning Cartridge tape. (Pro-LX and DTC500 only.)





Over laminates

FARGO’s laminating printer/encoders allow you to automatically transfer protective overlaminates onto your cards. PolyGuard™ Overlaminate is available in 1.0 mil and 0.6 mil thicknesses and provides an extremely high level of card security and durability. Thermal Transfer Overlaminate is approximately 0.25 mil thick and is recommended for applications that require a medium level of security and durability. These FARGO overlaminates are available in clear; with a hologram of a globe and microtext; or with a custom-designed hologram and additional security features.



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