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 EPI™ ID is the most easy-to-use photo identification solution specifically designed for organizations looking to create simple, yet professional-looking photo ID cards. With EPI ID, anyone can produce attractive, functional photo ID cards.

EPI ID includes simple point-and-click image capture and image customization tools such as color correction and photo cropping. Photos can be scanned, captured live with a camcorder or digital camera and imported from a file. The database can store up to 500 with two images per reusable record. EPI ID offers 10 database fields which include the option of pre-defined demographic data or custom user-defined data.


The easy-to-use design tools enable users to create custom card designs that meet the specific needs of their organization. EPI ID supports dual-sided printing of various card sizes, encoding of bar codes and three-track magnetic stripes inline with the printing process. Additional design features let users:

EPI ID is a great entry-level solution that allows for organizational growth and an easy upgrade to  EPI™ Suite products.

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