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Electronic Signature Pad

Signature Pad Systems offer four basic types of signature pads, as shown below. If you aren't sure which product is best for your business application, please contact us. signature pads are bundled with SigPlus® software tools, applications, plug-ins, examples, demos, and support at no extra charge.

ClipGem LGL

ClipGem™ is a letter- or legal-sized electronic signature capture clipboard for use wherever one party desires a paper copy or receipt in addition to an electronic copy.  Click for More Info



SigLite is low-cost pressure-sensitive electronic signature pad. SigLite features all the high-quality biometric and forensic capture techniques of a SignatureGem tablet but with a low-cost touchpad and stylus in place of the active electromagnetic pen and sensor.  Click for More Info



The IDGem LCD 1x5 version offers electromagnetic signature capture. The IDGem Lite LCD 1x5 offers a touch-sensitive signature capture sensor and stylus. Click for More Info


SigLite LCD 1x5

SignatureGem LCD 1x5 includes all the high-quality capture features of a  electronic signature pad with the added feature of an LCD interactive display, allowing users to see "electronic ink" under the pen tip as they sign as well as navigate between data screens where they will be able to read agreements and check preferred options for each. Click for More Info


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